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4 diet tips before exercise: Do you know that you are exercising in a dangerous manner?

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If you don't tighten the safety string, you can't play the production tone. The output of good
If you don't tighten the safety string, you can't play the production tone. The output of good body is inseparable from the usual attention to fitness safety.
Pre-fitness diet is an important factor directly related to the energy supply of our fitness.
When we just started to exercise or increase the intensity on the basis of the original, many friends will not change their original diet unless they noticed a significant decrease or increase in weight.
In fact, this practice will not only make your fitness effect greatly reduced, but also increase your chances of sports injuries, and even put you at risk.
Then, I will share 4 tips to help you improve your diet before exercise and eliminate the hidden dangers of dangerous fitness.
Eat banana
Many people know that they should drink light salt water to supplement sodium ions when they are sweating, but do you know? In fact, potassium is also an electrolyte that is lost in a lot of exercise.
Potassium ions are in the cell, and it acts synergistically with extracellular sodium to maintain normal osmotic pressure and acid-base balance inside and outside the cell.
The lack of potassium ions can cause physical decline, fatigue, and pose a safety hazard to our movement.
There is old, there is a small, and there is no accident.
The easiest way to add potassium is to eat bananas. Bananas are not only easy to digest, but they are also available in fruit stores around us all year round. It is very convenient.
2. Dinner with
For a diet, this depends a lot on what kind of training you will be doing.
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